Name Change on Friday?

This Friday, December 14th, I will be swearing the Oath of Allegiance and becoming a US citizen. So since I will then be a dual citizen I thought maybe I should change the name of the blog…. but then I realised that U SUK PYLOT, whilst possibly accurate about my flying skills, doesn’t look that good.

7 thoughts on “Name Change on Friday?”

  1. shhhh about dual citizenship … to swear allegiance to USA, you must renounce all other citizenships.

    It’s one thing that is disappointing, that I must say I’m not British, to be American. I understand why – but many other countries accept dual …

  2. Actually Britain does not recognise the renouncement so as far as they are concerned you are still a loyal subject. I think the only way to renounce UK citizenship is to go to a High Court and swear it, or maybe show up in the Queen’s bedroom and tell her in person. Even though the USA makes you renounce, they know it doesn’t really count.

    There are simpler explanations but this is amusing at the same time:

    The BIG question is – who do I fight for when the US and UK go to war?? 🙂

  3. Yes – but still, USA requires you to SWEAR that you’re becoming USA only. It’s odd that the first act as an American is to lie under oath!

  4. You guys are cute. I heard this comic say the reason we [USA] like you Brits so much is that you will kill anyone we ask you to. LOL, 😉

    Congrats, I guess.

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