Tags and Title, Finally

It took almost three months but I finally got both the tags and title slip for my MINI this weekend. The lesson learned here is that it’s better to go to the local office in person than choose the convenience of mailing it in. Just one more important piece of mail to come…. my rescheduled citizenship interview with the INS, but I think that is going to require a visit to their office so I can ask wtf in person.

In MINI news, Carrie is now at 46,700 and some change, slowly making it towards out of warranty time. Service indicator is predicting 50,300 for the oil change so slim to none chance of me getting that on MINI’s dime.

4 thoughts on “Tags and Title, Finally”

  1. My dealer will do routine service when the counter gets to 500. I’m predicting counter at about 200 when I reach 50k.

  2. RB, I figure I suffer all the same crap as a citizen, why not get to vote as well?? Though all my vote is likely to do is cancel out my wife’s 🙂 Oh, and I would be a dual citizen so maybe I will become UKUSAPylot?

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