40,000 Today

Two big milestones for Carrie this week:

  1. Today, she will turn over her 40,000th mile. Not bad for 22 months of ownership.
  2. Thanks to a very nice year end bonus last week I was able to pay off my loan two years early and as of yesterday she’s all mine. Fortunately I still have 10k miles before I need to get worried about things falling apart!

2 thoughts on “40,000 Today”

  1. Congrats! I still have a long trek ahead and my factory warranty is kaput! But it’s a biz write off so I guess it’s OK. I did buy a extended warranty from my credit union through AutoLand. I had the same company with my last 3 cars. My 4Runner blew an engine down only 5000 miles left on my extended and they fixed if for nearly free. Good Luck.

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