Brecht Appointment Over

This morning the SES light was off again so I decided I would skip the tedious drive to Brecht (or more importantly the awful drive back to the office in traffic) but about a mile from the office the light came back on so here I am waiting to hear what the deal is. Hurrah for free wi-fi.

As always when I am around other MINIs I wish I had bought different wheels.

Update 1: The problem is with the O2 sensor as always, and they are reprogramming it as I type. They also want to do a fuel injector system flush at a cost to me of $400. I may be at a BMW dealership but I don’t have BMW cash so that will have to wait.

Update 2: Back at work, the light stayed off all the way back to work so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t need to go back for a replacement O2 sensor.