SES Light Off and On Again

SES light was on all the way to work this morning but when I got in the car after work it was no longer illuminated. I was pleased for only a while because about 15 minutes later it came back on. I really am hoping it might be due to the last tank of gas so perhaps after filling up tomorrow it will be able to adjust itself. It sure would be nice not to have to go all the way back to Brecht so soon.

One thought on “SES Light Off and On Again”

  1. GPMINI has this sickness too … came on during TGICR; cleared by Murray, came back, cleared on it’s own, came back, cleared by MoP, came back, cleared on it’s own!
    Reporting P0326 = anti knock sensor.

    Hopefully MoP will look at it while I’m in Europe

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