Brake Pad Warning Light On Today

I am sure there are some of you wondering what happened at the service appointment last week. Well, I didn’t go because I decided it wasn’t worth it so soon. Well, today the brake pad light was on the whole way into work although on the way back it came on briefly just a couple of times. Called Brecht and got through first time (yea) and have Carrie scheduled for Tuesday. Not sure if 38k miles is about right for brake pads or not.

And yes I know that the MINI Feeds link in the header doesn’t work right. This seems to be an issue with the WordPress widget not being able to parse GoogleReader’s atom feed. I aim to fix it some day.

5 thoughts on “Brake Pad Warning Light On Today”

  1. Funny thing is I first thought the light was the flat tyre one so I stopped and did the reset button thing. Pulled away and for a few minutes had both warning lights on. I thought great, now I have two problems. Fortunately the tyre light eventually went off.

  2. Your tire pad light turned off? That doesn’t sound right. The sensor itself is designed to be single-use. Once it contacts the rotor (because the pad’s worn past its limit), the sensor gets ground down and opens the circuit. Unless maybe it’s only partially worn, I don’t see how the light could turn off without there being some other problem.

  3. Thursday 6:30 Am…. Trash Detail…. Guess what, I have a flat! I guess in dash gauge is more accurate than I thought or than my little tyre gauge could gauge.

  4. So same thing happened today. pad light was on for the first 10 minutes of my drive to work, went off for a while, came back on for a very short while a couple of times and was permanently off when I arrived. It’s been quite cool overnight, I wonder if that has something to do with it? Either way, I’ll have Brecht look at it on Tuesday.

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