A New One on Me

At a happy hour with some old Navy colleagues a woman I worked with asked if I still had my MINI. She had been thinking of getting a convertible but her husband told her that small cars were dangerous because they do not hold the road well on corners. I’ve heard some complaints about the MINI from non-owners but never that one! I assured her that quite to the contrary the MINI stuck to the road far better than most vehicles and her husband didn’t know what he was talking about. I am glad to say she is going back home and telling him she is again interested in a MINI.

2 thoughts on “A New One on Me”

  1. Let’s see I’ve heard these: chick car, don’t you worry about trucks on the freeway, would rather be in my F150 than that little thing, where’s the wind up key, heard that also when I had my VW’s, Cute, what size battery does it take C or D’s? and I’m 6’4″ I could never fit in there.

    I also talked to a lady that said her husband wouldn’t allow her to buy one???…. HUH, are women still allowing that to happen?
    What are we still in 1950?

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