First Fault In a While

Driving home last night, I went to add some warmth to the air and realised I couldn’t see the climate controls, not any of them. In between the toggles and the radio there is a black hole of nothingness. A kind person on the SCMM board went out to their MCS and checked their interior lighting for me – yep, their controls and buttons are all nicely backlit, so it looks like I have a fault. I did actually notice this last winter but at the time decided it was because I didn’t have the brightness up, so I don’t know if this was broken day one or not. I do have Ian’s auto-up circuit installed so perhaps I broke something installing it (though thats hard to imagine). I will have it looked at during my Inspection I which is probably going to be Feb time. Will probably have to remove the auto-up beforehand, just in case.

One thought on “First Fault In a While”

  1. I wouldn’t remove the autoup, what if that does play a role and they either fix it or tell you there’s nothing wrong currently, then we re-install the auto up and the problem is back. I would let them see it as is, and deal with blame if it happens. ?

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