Parcel Shelf Revisited

I’ve had the Euro Parcel Shelf in the MINI pretty much since day one but due to problems getting the screws and washer-thingies lined up with the shelf I never actually secured it, always planned to go back and try a few days later. Well, its a year later and its still not done. Question is, do I know where those tiny screws are after all this time?!

2 thoughts on “Parcel Shelf Revisited”

  1. I never could get my screws lined up either and I didn’t care since the shelf fit so snuggly. Its been in about a year as well with no problems.

  2. What I find is that after a couple of days, the edge of the shelf, where the screws go, sticks out just a little from under the dashboard. I push it back in but it comes back out. Certainly no worries about the whole shelf moving.

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