Damned Reverse Sensor Warning

I’ve complained before about the beeping of the reverse sensor warning, tonight it was annoying me again. Trying to parallel park in a space plenty big enough but its dark and cars coming up the hill have their beams blinding me. And my back window is filthy. I’m sure I have more space but the beeping is loud, at one point it is continuous which I assume means I’m micro-millimetres from hitting something. So I stop and begin an awful back and forth to get closer to the kerb (I am anal about how close I like to be). Maybe the sound saved me from breaking something? Or maybe it made me look clueless? I’ll never know.

Finally back from Tokyo, car is filthy from being stuck in the airport car park for two weeks (and $160 ouch!). Ill get it hand washed tomorrow by my favourite Mexican.

One thought on “Damned Reverse Sensor Warning”

  1. Wondering if the build up of dirt on the sensors is doing it. I had a BMW 5 that used to suffer from fals alarms but I found giving the sensors a good clean did the job. Of course, you may have a faulty sensor!

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