Faults 2 and 3?

Looks like I may have a bunch of things for Brecht to do when I get back from my next trip home. Minorly, my clock seems to be a time machine. I noticed it was 4 minutes ahead of my cell phone time a couple of weeks ago and today it is 6 minutes ahead. No big deal, but a little annoying.

More majorly, I’ve noticed that my lights are staying on after the engine is switched off, it happened once at night and once during the day (when the lights were off, but I was parking in my garage). The dealer never did any of the key programming I asked for so I’m not sure if the lights are ‘staying’ on as a default feature or as a problem. I didn’t wait to see if they went off after a while but in order to turn them off I had to turn them ‘on’ again and then off. I looked again this morning when I got to work and they weren’t on this time.

I’ve now had Carrie for a month and spent 2000 happy miles together.

3 thoughts on “Faults 2 and 3?”

  1. I am not surprised that people report clock accuracy issues – the ’05 clock is presumably just a microprocessor counting, and their oscillators are generally not as accurate as real clocks. I suspect the dealership can do nothing.

    The newer MINIs “follow me home” lighting is triggered by flicking the high beam toggle after the car is turned off – is it possible you catch that lever?
    They don’t have a “staying on” feature like the older MINIs used to …

  2. Oddly I ended up at your mother’s high school dance and now I find myself having to say “Josh, I am your father”.

    Ian – its possible that I’m hitting the stalk to put on the follow me lights. I had the lights on automatic this morning but they went off when I turned off the ignition. Just something to watch out for, I suppose.

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