Frustrating Weekend

Had set myself some projects for the weekend, got the non-MINI ones completed in good time but got nowhere with the ones for Carrie. First up was installing the stripes. I had done the white stripes on Sarah myself and it had been really easy and looked great. I don’t know whether it was because the new stripes were of a much better quality or something else but the left stripe had lots of tiny bubbles in it and the right stripe ended up with a big crease in the middle. They had to come off and go in the trash. Too bad, though, as they looked great. So I will buy another set (maybe a different design, too) and this time get a professional to do the install. Maybe I just got lucky first time around?

Next up was the XM Direct install. I already knew I probably wouldn’t be able to get the antenna from the boot to the dashboard in any tidy way but I could at least do the hookup to the CD changer. Step one is to remove the screw that keeps the moulding in place over the CD changer port. The screw turned and turned and turned but would not come out. I know my DIY skills are poor but even I should be able to unscrew something and take it apart.