More MPG Trials

I’ve now done one and a half commutes using my new motoring strategy: on all flat pieces of road and going up hills I maintain 70mph or about 3000 rpm, and going down hills I’ll go faster but not so fast that the it feels like I am hurting the fuel consumption. If I turn the OBC to current mpg and notice that it is less than the average then I ease off.

So, the results… trip one started with a little city driving, then to Brawley and back to San Diego, got my best mpg yet – 26.9 (OBC said 28.1). Trip two started just outside El Cajon on the freeway to Brawley and the OBC currently reads 31.3 so I am hopeful of a 28 or 29 mpg. I’m impressed with the results and doing 70 ain’t so bad.

3 thoughts on “More MPG Trials”

  1. Thanks for the info, and for this whole blog. I have a MCSC waiting on the docks for transport to the USA and reading your blog is helping the time pass.

    Just curious – I assume those are “top down” numbers? Have you noticed a difference in mpg with the top up?

  2. Hi Mark – Thanks for stopping by, hopefully your MINI will be on a boat real soon. For me, the passage over the ocean was the hardest part of the wait.

    Much to my chagrin I have to admit that these mpg figures are top up. This is the first weekend in a while that temps have been below 100, and the top is down right now. But when its been 115+ the top has been up, a/c a-blastin’!

    Let us know when your new ride comes and post some pictures!

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