A proud new MINI owner is created

My wife and I set off to Scottsdale early in the morning, the cell phone on in case Debi calls to say that the MINI has gone. What a bad feeling that would be! We get to the dealer around 10.30, go up the lift to the showroom and there on the lot it is – it’s still there and it looks perfect!

A short test drive, lots of paperwork and waiting around later and I am on the freeway in my shiny new MINI, who I have instantly named Sarah in honour of my old Peugeot 205 which I loved. I’ve only gone a few miles and a velvet red MINI pulls alongside, the driver waving and smiling; I can’t help to do the same back.

It sure is a long drive back to Brawley but the MINI is surprisingly comfortable and certainly nippy enough to make good progress. The cruise control acts oddly, no matter what I set it to it always starts 5mph or so less, eventually gets to what I set it to but after a while wanders around. The low torque is difficult to get used to, you wouldn’t think I have driven a manual car all my life from the way I am pulling away.

Some pictures: