Car Washing and Flying

Whilst washing my MINI yesterday I was struck by the similarities between that and flying. In both cases it doesn’t matter much what a great job you do, the activity is defined by just one thing: in flying, its the landing; in washing its the windscreen. Fly like an ace but all anyone asks is “how was the landing”. Wax that MINI to a supershine but if there is a smear on the windscreen, you did a bad job.

And, of course, I washed the MINI yesterday because I knew I’d be driving through a monsoon this morning. The road into the base must have been half an inch of standing water for the last 1/2 mile. Its odd, but I don’t remember English motorways getting as waterlogged as the freeways in the US. Is it some difference in construction? Or am I just losing my mind?

3 thoughts on “Car Washing and Flying”

  1. It’s not your imagination. SoCal freeways are not designed to handle large amounts of water and have inadequate drainage. That’s why you see so much water pooling on either side of the roadway. It doesn’t have anywhere to go!

  2. Yeah, some of the showers I’d see in DC were just amazing, although the rain in San Diego this week has come pretty close. There used to be one stretch of the M25 of about 5 miles where the road would flood, whilst the rest of it wouldn’t. I always wondered why that was.

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