Might have a buyer for my MINI coming on Sunday so I needed to get my vanity plates turned in for regular ones. The local DMV was very efficient for a Friday lunchtime and so please spare a moment for the passing of UK PYLOT.

The Eagle Has Landed!

Well, probably. According to the ship tracking page the ship has left Houston but is now north of Florida. Er, guys, LA is the other direction! So, a little bit of digging found this route map which explains it all. The ship only goes as far as Houston, the other ‘ports of call’ must be by truck or rail. So I think it is fair to say that my new baby is in the USA. I don’t know where but it’s here somewhere.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

  • ASK-MINI still says that my car is at the port awaiting a shipping vessel
  • The KLine web site no longer lists my ship on their schedule
  • South Bay MINI haven’t repsonded to an email in three weeks

I smell conspiracy!!

Fortunately the ship tracking webpage does show that the OOCL Faith is, as of this morning, just off the coast of Texas so the ship does still exist even if I have no idea if my MINI does any more!

MINI Podcasting

I’m about a month late in joining the party but I finally got to listen to the rapidly becoming infamous White Roof Radio PodCasts; senors Todd and DB waxing lyrical on our favourite topic(s). I’ve only listened to one so far and found it fairly entertaining and easy on the ear. Perhaps a little too long for me and I wonder if there are enough topics to keep up a regular ‘broadcast’ but props to them for putting it together and doing a good job with it. I don’t know that I will tune in every time but I’ll definitely check it out from time to time.

At the Port Already?

I wasn’t expecting my ship to dock for a few more days but today ASK-MINI says my new MINI is “at the port awaiting shipping”. This sounds like its back in Southampton which clearly can’t be right so I am thinking this means its waiting to be transported to the VDC. Or maybe the ship really did turn around and dump it back home? Owners Lounge still says ‘en route’.

I’ve said before that my family live fairly near the docks in Southampton, on a couple of visits to see my mother in hospital we got a view of the MINIs stacked on the quayside waiting for the next ship. Too bad I didn’t have my camera.

[Update] Well, I listened again with a little less jet lag and the message actually says that the vehicle is at the port awaiting a shipping vessel and no shipping information is available. So who knows where it is!