Shipping Options

My MINI is still scheduled for a July 12 production date, I’ve tried the VIN on the WW website but no joy yet. However, I was reading tonight that MINI uses two other carriers for most sailings to CA and neither of these companies allow you to track your vehicle. Wah!!! I was looking forward to following it around the seas. Of course it might yet get on a WW ship but the more I read the more unlikely it seems.

When is the MINI Coming?

So, with the new MINI officially in production its time to have fun speculating which ship it will be on. The excellent guide to order tracking at MINI2 gives the website for the shipping company, Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

Given my finish date of July 12th, there are two likely candidates: the Terrier which departs on the 18th of July, or the Don Quijote which departs on the 28th. The Terrier arrives in CA on the 11th of August, the Don Quijote on the 19th. I tried my VIN number on the cargo tracking but its not there yet to know which one.

Scheduled For Production, Really

The new MINI is now scheduled for production on the owner’s lounge, I have a VIN and a date of July 12th! Unfortuantely I have found out that I was not able to get the change to cloth seats made in time so it is coming with the leatherette. I have been offered a rebuild for a late August production date but I guess I will stick with this. I had always planned on putting some Wet Okole seat covers at some point so perhaps that will be my first ‘mod’. Mind you I am so angry at South Bay MINI for their general inability to get in touch (I am still yet to receive a receipt) I am tempted to cancel the whole damn thing. But my sales contact is back from vacation and she is pretty good, its just the person she put in charge who is either incompetent or just hates people with Kentucky accents 🙂