New MINI Revisited

Saw plenty of MINIs in England this past week, more than I could have shaken a stick at, in fact. Interestingly to me, there were way more MCs than MCS’s and the few MCS’s that I saw were almost all JCW-badged. So this got me thinking again about trading my MCS in for something new.

Given the environment I live and work in, it would be great to have the convertible but I highly doubt I could afford the MCS version. I wonder just what it would be like to go ‘down’ to the MC, financially it would make great sense, cheaper to buy and cheaper to run with my monthly 1600 mile commute. I do love that sixth gear though on the MCS, and I know I would miss the whine of the supercharger when the engine takes off.

Anyway, seeing all those people happily buzzing around in their MCs over in England has me thinking again.