MINI Scavenger Hunt Day 1 – Find a Diner!

There’s a new competition at the Owner’s Lounge – a trip to MINI United being up for grabs. Each day MINIUSA will give you a photo assignment, you upload your picture and someobody gets to win. Today’s assignment, for day one, is to Find a diner that looks like it’s been around for a while. Park your MINI curbside and tell it to say “cheeseburger and milkshake.”. Check out the competition at the Scavenger Hunt website.

MINI Podcasting

I’m about a month late in joining the party but I finally got to listen to the rapidly becoming infamous White Roof Radio PodCasts; senors Todd and DB waxing lyrical on our favourite topic(s). I’ve only listened to one so far and found it fairly entertaining and easy on the ear. Perhaps a little too long for me and I wonder if there are enough topics to keep up a regular ‘broadcast’ but props to them for putting it together and doing a good job with it. I don’t know that I will tune in every time but I’ll definitely check it out from time to time.

Big Brechts Bash This Weekend

Got a flyer at the weekend announcing the opening of the new MINI showroom at Brecht. This weekend they are having a bit of a celebratory bash and claim to have over 60 MINIs on the lot. I think I’ll pop over and see what they have. Perhaps they’ll leave their markup off as part of their celebration??

Update: If this car wasn’t black I’d be all over it!

I was thinking about changing plates for the new vehicle, something that combines the MINI theme and my flying. Best I could come up with was MNIFLYER but it is already taken. Got any better ideas – please leave ’em in the comments!

Free shipping on new MINIs!

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new MINI but didn’t want to pay the CA dealer markup or expensive shipping charges to buy out of state, here’s a deal for ya. MINI of Pittsburgh is offering free shipping on all MINIs anywhere in the USA! Their inventory spans more than 5 pages so I am sure you can find one that you want.

And, no, I’m not affiliated with them but if they see this and want to give me something for the advert that’s fine by me.

New MINI Watches

From the good folk at Motoringfile comes news of some new MINI watches. I haven’t been a huge fan of the MINI watches (and really the idea that a car needs its own fashion just makes me laugh) but I kinda like the new men’s watch:

New MINI Watch

Nasty MINI Crash in San Diego

Very unpleasant pictures on the news last night of a nasty crash involving a MINI Cooper . The early reports say that the MINI and a pick up truck were racing on the freeway at speeds of around 100mph. The MINI tried to overtake on the dirt median, lost control, crossed to the other lanes and hit another pick-up. Both vehicles caught fire but the pick-up driver managed to get out; the MINI drivers were not so lucky.

I cringe every time I read a posting on the bulletin boards bragging about doing 100+ on the freeway, or doing 60 on mountain twisties on the wrong side of the road – if you want to die, fine, but there’s a good chance you’ll take innocent people with you. Please keep the stupid driving to the track or other legal off-highway venues.