Big Audio Dynamite

I love my XM Radio but recently I had to change most of my preset stations as they were getting real blah, the rotation isn’t quite large enough on some. But a couple of the new ones are real good- U-Pop and Worldzone on 29 and 100.

But I have a dilemma: now I have both an XM radio and an iPod for playing music in the car. My MCS is a 2002 model with the radio that has no auxillary input (still amazes me that) so for the XM I am using the FM transmitter method of receiving. The sound is ok but the talk radio stations and any chat is mostly too muffled to understand. Do I go the same method for the iPod, or should I get a new head unit completely and get a much cleaner sound? And is there way to get both plugged into the same unit?

5 thoughts on “Big Audio Dynamite”

  1. Have you tested to make sure that the XM sound quality would be better if it went in via the aux … on my Sirius the speech channels are just poor quality anyway (about telephone quality!)
    If there is a real improvement, try to source an ’03 or later head unit on eBay if you want to stay with the stock look …

  2. And I thought you were posting about the band Big Audio Dynamite. What an awesome group!

    Something else that you might want to consider is getting an XM ready head unit. Pioneer makes a descent one I’ve read and there are others. Also, if you upgrade the deck, you’ll be ready for future improvements if you want; Better speakers, possibly an amp or 2 and better sound quality.

  3. cool points? Are those by chance redeemable for cool prizes? Or, do I just get to carry them around to help increase my overall level of cool? LOL 😀

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