Where Have All the Car Washes Gone?

On the way home last night, the combination of setting sun and flithy windscreen made driving westbound somewhat hazardous. So I decided to get the car washed, I knew it was too late to get a human to wash it but figured I’d just run it through one of those automatic dealies. Fifteen minutes later I had yet to find one – plenty of gargages proudly announcing “Car Wash” but all of them were now supervised and therefore closed. I did find one eventually but I think the death of the automatic car wash has been greatly under-reported.

2 thoughts on “Where Have All the Car Washes Gone?”

  1. You need to move up to the OC my friend. Can’t swing a dead cat in this county without hitting a full serve, self serve or in bay automatic.

  2. Quite a few in WNY also.. hell, Delta Sonic has a major HQ in Buffalo…

    PS: I don’t trust the car washes that have a ‘touchless’ option. Back when NAM was MCO, someone reported that their dealer took their tester MCS thru a ‘touchless’ car wash, and the dolt in the booth forgot to press the ‘touchless’ button. End result: One of the cloth flaps got twisted up in the spoilier, and ripped the darn thing off.

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