Quiet Week

I haven’t died, just started a new job and could not remember how to login to the posting system here. Not that there is much to tell… the MINI is on a good running streak with no problems to report. The fuel guage was acting odd again last Sunday, started with a full tank but after 70 miles it showed well below the first mark; usually I get about 100 miles before the first mark. Went to the restrooms on the I-8 and when I got back in the car the guage was showing what I would expect, nowhere near the first mark. Second time something like this happened.

Saw a few MINIs in San Diego, one went by my hotel every morning when I was coming out, a red one with bonnet stripes, and I also met a member of the West Coast MINI group in Pacific Beach whilst stopped at a traffic light. I haven’t done anything with SCMM in a long time, maybe I shall and see what these guys are up to; they are supposed to be a lot more informal.