So What Does it Run?

When I was waiting to pick up my MINI a year ago, a fellow MINI-owner in the lounge told me that I would get tired of people asking me “so what does it run?”. And he was right, not a week passes without at least one person coming up to me and saying ‘so, what does that car run’. The obvious answer to the question is premim unleaded but, no, the question that is being asked is really how much does the car cost. Maybe its a Brit/US thing cos no way do I get that from the actual words that are used. So my answer: it runs pretty damned fine.

I’ve recently given up on the automatic air conditioning. The temps out here now are firmly in the low 100s and rising so I want to get cold air on me when I want it, not when the MINI thinks its a good time. I do like the auto a/c but right now its better to be able to control it myself.

3 thoughts on “So What Does it Run?”

  1. I’ll be speccing my new Cooper S in September, and while the looks on the auto a/c are preferable, the consensus seems to be that the somewhat spontaneous nature of the system sort of defeats the purpose. i rented an “s” awhile back and was, shall we say, perplexed by the auto a/c. i consider myself a pretty bright girl and the whole way it was set up was going right over my head.

    so it’s manual a/c for me!

    by the way, I love the pic of the stuffed bulldog on the MINI – I’ve been trying to find one of those stuffed doggies to tie me over until I take delivery in December… (sigh)

  2. Yes, the bulldog is as hard to get hold of as the ‘S’ itself!! Though now there are two available – the stiff one in the picture and a cute one that just flops about.

    December will come soon enough – its going to be a great Christmas for ya!

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