New Blog Format

Well, unless you are here infrequently (I know you all check this everyday!) you can’t have helped to notice that the site looks different. I’m still playing with the format and may go to something very simple later but for now this is how it is. Most importantly I am now using WordPress as Blogger was annoying me; props to DB for inspiring me.

6 thoughts on “New Blog Format”

  1. I’m guessing you already went through the super simple 5 minute install, plus the other super simple blogger import. I’ve done dbmini, wind(the)frog(dot)net, plus the good lad josh has also done eschwa. If you need any help, let me know!

  2. Do me a wee little favor, and delete the /index.html. Whenever i come here it’s directing me to the html file instead of the php one. Which is annoying.

  3. Ok, I’ve put in a redirect from index.html to the PHP index file. One thing that annoys me is the difference in colours between my header image and the background… supposed to both have the same RGB but doesn’t look like it to me.

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