Windscreen Lawsuit

Got home last Friday to find two messages on the message machine from a law firm. I have been identified as a possible plaintiff in a lawsuit against MINI for defective windscreen design, and could I please call them to discuss. I deleted the messages.

I’ve no doubt that the windscreens are defective; I’ve had 5 between my two MINIs which I think makes me luckier than most. But I’m not litigious and I hate how these things end up making millions of dollars for the attorneys, and I end up with a $10 voucher to be used against a $300 oil change.

I’ll pass.

3 thoughts on “Windscreen Lawsuit”

  1. I actually was home when they called…. told them the same. My 2002 had 3, 2003 only one in 145,000 for my daughter, 2004 3… so far. All had sun roofs so my question is more with or without sunroofs? You have a Cabriolet.

  2. I believe that if you have a gravatar matching you email address it will use that, but if not then it randomly generates an image. It was using something called “Monster Id” but now I changed it to “Retro” – maybe you likey more?

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