My Sticky Speedo

Sometimes the titles write themselves!

My intermittent speedometer problem continues but yesterday I caught it failing. As I was accelerating I noticed the needle rising and then it got stuck for an instant. I could see the needle trying to rise but instead it just shivered before finally breaking free of whatever was keeping it there. After that and for the rest of the trip the needle was consistently 6-9 mph under the actual speed (which was being accurately shown on the OBC). This morning the needle was fine.

I’d love to know how the speedo gets the speed information – I assume it’s not off the wheels. So does it get an absolute speed signal, or is it analogue?

2 thoughts on “My Sticky Speedo”

  1. The instruments are digital. All of the needle gauges simply display in analog form what they receive from the data bus. My guess is that the needle or its electric coil/rotor is physically sticking.


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