Well, the MINI driver up the street seems to have swapped MINIs. There is no longer a burgundy MINI in their driveway, today there was a red MINI with sunroof. It still has Utah plates so I’m really not sure what is going on. I was too busy checking my eyesight over the colour changing to notice whether they also went up to an S. Maybe they didn’t like my display of supercharger power the other day and went back to Utah to get another?

Here are some neat pictures of the forthcoming Cooper S Convertible to drool over. Yes, they are from the SCMM message board, I guess I didn’t resign from the club like I said. However, the level of ego and arrogance from the club clique is still very annoying and so I don’t know that I will go on any runs with them; I really can’t be bothered with some of the attitude that one reads there on a near-daily basis.

[Update] Well, both MINIs are there and the red one is an S after all. The odd thing is that it appears that the red one has the burgundy’s licence plate and the burgundy one is sporting a new one, still from Utah? A scam to get out of paying CA registration fees?? Who knows, but definitely odd.