SkyFi Woes

As much as I enjoy my XM Radio I am not much enjoying how I mounted it in my vehicle. See elsewhere in this blog for my description of how I installed it but whatever you do, don’t copy it in yours. Its taken a while but the mount point has gone all floppy and the unit just swivels around as I drive, making it impossible to see the display or push the buttons without holding it. So I need a better solution. I got this one from the MINI forums so perhaps the person who recommended it to me has now found a better idea?

In other news I’ve been suffering from back and stomach pains for a couple of weeks and finally saw a doctor about it Wednesday. Xrays were taken and were inconclusive other than to show an unusual compression of my thoracic T-4 vertebrae. I’ve had no falls or accidents that I can think of (and presumably would remember!) so I am thinking this is perhaps an old injury. Maybe years of ballroom dance competition not only ruined my foot (which currently enjoys a Morton’s neuroma but my spine as well? Thousands of dollars well spent!! I used to get bad back pain after practice and some competitions, even as much as 10 years ago, so this idea doesn’t seem that far fetched.

So, in the meantime I had a CT scan of my abdomen today and get to enjoy an MRI of my thoracic spine on Monday.

What does all this have to do with my MINI, you ask? Well, the pain is made worse by sitting down so when I’m driving in my MINI it can be quite painful and that is not how I want to feel when out in my pride and joy.