MINI Owners

Pretty much every MINI owner I’ve met (actually, I think every one that I’ve met) is friendly, keen to check out each other’s vehicles, share the joy of motoring. Even owners I’ve never met but seen on the road give a wave and a smile. So its odd that the owners of the other MINIs here in Brawley don’t seem so friendly. For instance, the driver of the burgundy MINI has never waved, smiled or even looked up from her steering wheel. Today we were number 1 and 2 at a traffic light and I waved in the mirror but not a hint of recognition. Maybe she doesn’t like that I have an S, or she doesn’t like the Union Jack? Who knows but, when the light changed, I did the only sensible thing and left her in the dust

Now the owner of the red MINI (or rather the owner’s mother and frequent driver) was telling my wife the other day that she wishes there weren’t other MINIs in town, she wants to be the only one. This doesn’t seem like motoring to me, the more MINIs the better I say. And, anyway, she still doesn’t have stripes on the MINI and if she is to be the only one in town then it has to have stripes, the red just doesn’t look right without a stripe.

In other news, the temps are now over 100F (37C) but the MINI is still running strong.