2010 Then

Over the Christmas holiday I pretty much came to the conclusion that I will keep my MINI running for at least another couple of years, rather than get out now before the big expenses comes my way. $2-4k on some maintenance is much less than what I’d need to get into something new and acceptable.

Other than a couple of garage bills, not sure there are any big MINI plans this year. I expect to hit the 100k mile mark in February. Since we did AMVIV last year, we will skip it this year unless my Dad, who will likely be visiting at the time, wants a trip to Vegas. We plan to take the train from New Orleans to SoCal shortly before that so it’s unlikely.

So… probably another quiet year on this old blog (which I prefer to a regular ranting of things going wrong!) but I’ll do my best to pop up from time to time. And in the meantime, hope you all have a great year.

2 thoughts on “2010 Then”

  1. We neva had that beer… maybe this year? Have a great time with your dad and have a great time in the Big Easy.

  2. Good on ya!

    Be prepared for a tune-up (plugs and wires) and something something super charger. Otherwise, I wouldn’t expect anything major going wrong as you pass the 100K mark.

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