A MINI Jackpot in Vega$

At least 100 MINIs hit the Stardust Hotel for the MINI Vacation in Vegas last weekend. A special roped off area of the car park was designated MINI only and it was quite the sight seeing so many MINIs already there when I arrived. Events over the weekend included a delicious buffet at the Aladdin Hotel, scenic runs to nearby state parks and a late night cruise up the famous Strip. There is something very cool about being amongst a group of MINIs racing up the freeway or racing up the ramps in a hotel car park (!).

Lots of people were taking pictures, including myself, and I will post links to some of them when I find them. I am sure Juan and Don will have some good ones to look at. But in the meantime you can check my pictures out right here.

Other than driving and eating I did a little gambling on the slot machines and to my delight won almost $500, including a $400 jackpot on one machine, whilst only spending about $50. Not a bad little earner, I think.

More thoughts and reflections on the whole thing over the next few days.