More Dark Thoughts

So I’m finding myself thinking more and more about selling the MINI and getting something else. Right now there’s nothing wrong with the car but there’s no doubt there are a couple of big bills in my not-so-far future.

  1. The super charger will need replacing of course. I’m at 91k right now so could still be 18 months away
  2. The top has the “regular” wear and tear for the early cabrios but the plastic trim that goes around it has started breaking off in small pieces here and there, like it has gone brittle. Makes me think a new top will be in order, or I just don’t bother with the top any more
  3. I’m tired of everything costing so much for even the littlest thing. $150 for an oil change, no thank you.
  4. I’m also tired of people telling me how easy it is to do myself. I know they mean well but I have neither interest or aptitude, and the impression I am left with is that I am somehow unworthy to own a MINI because of this. It’s like me telling you to design your own web applications, no those are easy.

I have no idea what I would get instead, could probably not afford to put more than $5k above the trade-in value. Whatever I got would be a poor ride in comparison, no doubt about that but with all the driving I do something more roomy, more modern might be good?

Just thoughts over dinner tonight.

7 thoughts on “More Dark Thoughts”

  1. Here’s an idea…What about buying a used MINI with less miles that yours but still under warranty? Maybe a hardtop would be better or even a used GP?

    I have bought all 3 of my MINIs used. My ’02 MCS (Naples Florida) sucked, the ’03 Cooper (Boston) too slow but still going strong at 110,000, my daughter owns it, The ’04 MCS (Charlotte, NC) has been great minus the engine failure but that wasn’t the fault of MINI. I got to buy them and then drive them across the USA.

    Other than the Fiat 500 Abarth, at least a year away and like the new Bug made in Mexico, are ya gonna buy a PT Loser, Camero, gak, Mustang, ugh, Corolla, boooring, Z whatever, Saleen, too much $$$, SUV of any type, what, Miata, BMW 1 at $35,000+?

    My wife loves her A4/1.8 and it’s been a good car but there’s some sort of ignition thing going on that they [Audi] can’t seem to fix or care about. Also the $38,000 price tag was a bit steep and that was a few years ago and some hard, hard negotiating to get that.

    My extended warranty is coming to an end so I to will have some decisions to think over.

  2. I vote keeping it MINI, of course, but why not go down market? I would bet you could fit an ’05-’06 R50 for a song (and Jim Skater knows of an ’03 that’s VR/W in El Cajon for about 12k).

    My car was relatively problem free up until about 160k miles (not counting the A/C going out at 90k). No pesky superchargers to deal with, no folding tops. Sure sure, less power, but you get a quieter MINI with a better ride and better fuel economy.

    I’m leaning heavily at my next car still be a MINI and possibly an R56 Cooper or R55 Cooper.

  3. A quick check of yields a sweet Indi Blue/Black ’06 MC with 41k on the clock for $15k.

    I’m just sayin…

  4. I’d have to agree with DB on this as far as the whole “Better ride, quieter car” thing. When I drove the Cooper from Boston to LA it was as stated, a mellow ride. But I’d think after so many miles in an “S” the lack of “S” power might be bothersome to you, it was to me. Jim now drives a Clubby. I wonder if he’s still in love with it like he was when I saw in Vegas last year?

    When looking for my MINIs I found lots of them back east. My ’04 had only 3,000 miles on it and was loaded with goodies.

    Good luck in your choice.

  5. Yes, anything I could afford right now after the MCS would be a noticeable step down, I think, but getting an MC could still work, especially with the improved mileage for my long commutes.

    If not a MINI then who knows? I’m not really a car enthusiast so I could sink into the shadows of a, ahem, regular car. I did a quick search on CarMax for cars between 12 and 16k…

    Sonata, Corolla, Accord, Elantra, Mazda 3i, Altima, Fusion…

    Although… now the weather is cooling off in the Valley, maybe I want the cabrio until it heats up again?

  6. Spark up man… without a MINI where would you wear your Twisty shirts… ;-] Personally I’d do a Ford Focus RS if I could get a euro version.

  7. BTW… My daughters ’03 MC with 100,000+ has always had trouble getting into reverse and still does.

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