Quick Car Comparison

Got back from a week and a half in Hawaii today, a week on the Big Island, and a few days on Maui. More of that later over at the main blog at guapacha.com or you’ll be able to view the photos on my Flickr at some point soon.

Anyway, whilst in Hawaii we had 4 rental cars….

  • 2 Ford Focuses (Focuii?): not bad little cars, nice interior, a bit of acceleration to them, small, go anywhere vehicle.
  • 1 Sebring Convertible: not enough bad things can be said about this car, sluggish, crappy interior and ours smelled bad at low revs, I think something was burning. Oh, and it was too humid to put the top down much anyway
  • 1 PT Cruiser: I really wanted to hate this car but it was surprisingly well equipped inside, very roomy and chugged away happily at my request. All was pretty good until I got out and had to look at it.

This morning I drove my MINI for the first time in nearly 2 weeks – heaven on wheels!

One thought on “Quick Car Comparison”

  1. The new euro Focus is kool. The Rallye RS is stunning, euro version. Sebring… Ugh! PT… at 1st I thought kinda a cute nod to the American cars of the past but now… Gak!

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