Happy Birthday Carrie!

Another year has passed, today marks the 4th anniversary of taking ownership of my ’05 MCS cabriolet. I’m just a little under 90,000 miles which makes me average around 22k a year, sadly almost all of that is getting to work, not a whole load of pleasure motoring.

Touching wood, the car has been trouble free for the last year. I’ve been using the top a lot more and the infamous wear in the fabric is getting quite noticeable (at least to me), the clinking noise from the top while driving with it up is still there, never could work out where it is coming from. Right now the biggest problem is the twisted seatbelt and two months of dirt on the exterior. I’d give her a bath for her birthday but we’re going on holiday in a week and she’ll just be sitting outside for two weeks so I will do it when we get back. I think she’ll get a transmission fluid flush too, got to keep her regular.

Happy motoring to all!