Vegas Ramblings

Just some random thoughts from the Vegas weekend:

  • The XM radio rocked! Only a couple of dropouts the entire trip, always something to listen to on some channel somewhere. Local radio stations are history as far as I am concerned. [NB though that the new Kylie album is currently occupying my listening pleasure].
  • I received a lot of compliments on how Sarah looked which surprised me. Sure she looks great but amongst all the other custom-decal’d MINIs I was thinking no one would notice her. Several people thought that my John Cooper signature decal meant I had a JC Works kit installed. I wish I did!
  • I also got asked how I got the flag decal on the sunroof as many people have been told this is not possible. Well, it was on there when I bought it but my mathematical training says that my MINI proves that it is possible so go back to your dealer or decal shop and tell them to try again.
  • Vegas is not a lot of fun to be in on your own. Outside the runs and meals, it was kinda lonely. Hopefully Teri can join me next year. And the Stardust hotel is too low end to be worthy of much people-watching.
  • I was surprised by how much animosity we met driving up the Strip late at night. I heard and observed many more insults than compliments. And it was too bad that we couldn’t keep more together, I think most people wanted just to show off their speed (such as could be done in stopped traffic) rather than have 3 lanes of 30 MINIs together. Now that would have made a picture for the newspapers.
  • More picture links: DB’s Vegas gallery, Ray Ibanez from Mighty MINI and fellow SCMM’er Jenn Tanzer.