Let’s Twist Again!

My seatbelt has become twisted in such a way that I cannot work out how to untwist it. Given that both ends of the belt are fixed, how is that I cannot untwist it? No matter what I do I end with up either it twisted across my lap, or against my chest. Looks like I will have to detach it from next to the seat (presuming I have the tools to do so) or just live with it? But how can this have happened?!

One thought on “Let’s Twist Again!”

  1. This happened too in my convertible … dealership fixed it (don’t know how) and then it happened AGAIN a while later.
    Never happened in a hardtop – may be related to how the convertible seat belt mechanism is installed in the car body. You’d likely find the issue if you took the side panel off (but that’s not a quick job!)

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