Future Listening Choices

Some time in the next few weeks we’ll see the official list of who stays and who goes in the Sirius/XM merger lineup. I’ve been a big fan of XM in the past and I wonder if I will like the results. My favourite channel, UPop, was taken off the air for a long time for no reason; it’s currently back but it’s owner, Worldspace, filed for Chapter 11 this week so I’m already resigned to losing it.

Since then I’ve been listening to XM Cafe, The Loft, Fred, Top 20 and some random button pushing to find something I like. The Loft is not bad and Fred is pretty good when they stick to the alternative music and not stray into rock. But I’m not feeling the love for XM that I used to.

Today I read over at DBSTalk.com that a great many program directors have been let go suggesting that a lot of XM channels are being axed, including many that I like.

So right now I’m thinking that I may return to CDs and the iPod in the MINI for my future commutes. I’m not fond of the Sirius stations, though if BBC Radio 1 is offered, that might be enough for me to keep being a customer.

2 thoughts on “Future Listening Choices”

  1. I still prefer Sirius channels style – I’d prefer to see the Sirius channels on XM, because XM reception is way better round here.

    I switched to the lower cost “music only” Sirius subscription, mostly to say “I don’t need Martha, Oprah, and the other expensive people” 😉

  2. I’ve listened to both, wife has Sirius, prefer Sirius. I now just use my ICElink iPod thingy. Works great, my only complaint is the operator, me, should keep it refreshed more often as even my favourite groups, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Flaming Lips and so on can get old if not changed out.

    If I had a choice I wish I could use some of the stations I can get through iMusic like Radio Paradise which has the most eclectic and “Indy” music I’ve ever heard.

    This new look is kinda pale? LOL.

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