Coopers S vs Acura MDX – who’s quickest?

Yeah, we know the answer to that but the woman driving her MDX didn’t seem to know. I don’t know what it is with people wanting to beat me off the line at traffic lights. Surely after all this time, people know that the MINI is, well, a bit quick. And I’m used to WRX’s, 911’s etc making their intentions clear but not often an SUV.

So tonight I’m in the left lane of two at the traffic light, next light is a left turn for me. I see the Acura come up behind, pause, and then come out around me to the right. My first thought is that she wants to go straight on at the next light. Light changes and she’s off, engine squealing. I don’t usually bother but I’ve been pissy all week and I’m frankly disgusted that someone thinks an MDX is faster than a MINI.

I catch her during the change from 2nd to 3rd gear (I bet most of you would still be in first!), cruise by her and am at the light 10-15 seconds before her; she pulls up behind me.

I don’t get it. I drive very conservatively, no crazy quick starts, no challenging other vehicles, and yet time and time again a car will pull this crap. Frankly I’m getting tired of it.

One thought on “Coopers S vs Acura MDX – who’s quickest?”

  1. Chill my friend the world is full of “DICKS” and nothing we can do will ever lower those numbers.

    Some of my neighbors decided it would be a wonderful idea to put in some dumbass speed bumps on a street I have to travel to get to my Cul De Sac. Recently my wife was driving over these things, at nite, and some assbite was tailgating us, with high beams flashing, all the way up that street. I just figured we only had a few more bumps to go so we ignored them. As we pulled into out street these idiots did also. Come to find out it’s one of our neighbors. I went over to them and asked them what was their problem and they suggested we should have been going faster, I suggested they should have intercourse with themselves. Haven’t spoken to them since.

    Later I was talking to our lawyer about the incident he suggested that since I went over to their house and entered their property I was then considered the aggressor and I could have been sued. Go Figure.

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