MINI Run Rumours!!

Rumours have reached this desk that I might be planning to attend a MINI run in the near future. Well, it’s true! There is a very good chance that Teri and I will be meeting up with SCMM in Redlands on Aug 23rd to join them on their run to Big Bear. Yes, people, watch out – earthquakes can not be far behind!!!

And in other news from the future, I am sure everyone has received details of the room rate for AMVIV 6 in March ’09; I think we’ll be at that, too.

One thought on “MINI Run Rumours!!”

  1. TwistyBitz will have an AMVIV booth for sure, the Big Bear run in doubt. I am going to the Solvang weekend later this year, didn’t see your name on the list.

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