MINIs Are Too Expensive

From a twitter conversation, name redacted to protect the poor guy:

Test drove a MINI Cooper S over the weekend and it was aight. I expected more and the interior was fugly. Also saw a couple of REAL MINIs on the freeway and that was the coolest thing I’d seen all month.

@xxx don’t make me set my MINI-crazed friends on ya

@tendancer MINI-crazed enough to pay a $3K premium on top of the MSRP?

@xxx only 3K ? I remember when it was 5 or 6! I paid MSRP for mine.

@tendancer The S I test drove would have come out to $35K. That’s an R32!!

6 thoughts on “MINIs Are Too Expensive”

  1. They’re too expensive if they don’t sell … seeing as there is no stock anywhere, they aren’t too expensive.

    [and I just don’t understand Twitter, all the links seem to only take you to what is half a conversation, just wierd!]

  2. Here, Here on Twitter. I also don’t get it!

    I must disagree with Ian on one point, they are way too expensive. I understand they have no stock but as far as the general public goes it’s an expensive little boutique car, an extravagance. Most don’t get it (MINI) until they have driven one. And, most think it’s still expensive even after that. I don’t see the correlation between lack of stock and value? Probably can’t walk in and get a Enzo but it’s still an expensive bloody car.

    That being said, I am looking at possibly buying a JCW after my test drive here at MTTS. I get my Social Security in October!. ;-}

  3. I think the MINI is way overpriced in terms of what else you can get for the same money but, like Ian says, if the market will bear it then the price is right, for MINI anyway. When I get in some of my friends’ cars that have sat nav, cameras, computers etc etc and paid a lot less for it than my ‘no mod cons’ MINI I do wonder what I paid for. Of course the driving experience is great so I don’t regret buying mine but, like purchasing an Apple product – if you stop to think about what it cost, you’ll feel really really bad.

    I love Twitter!

  4. I have never felt “REALLY, REALLY BAD”, EVER!, buying an Apple product???? I use a neighbor’s Microsoft powered Dell to check on my blog to see how it looks in PC land. He has had to replace that Dell 3 times since 2002 whereas I still have my old 2001 G4. Dells ain’t cheap and I’d say if you add up all the trouble and replacement costs my old 201 G4, ($7,000 back then) looks pretty cheap. Same with my dad who has owned 2-3 Dell laptops since 2002. Since buying my new 24″ iMac ($1,700) it’s [the G4] now relegated to the garage where Twisty stuff gets assembled and packaged but it’s still humming along fine. The old 22″ Cinema display, very expensive back then, still looks fabulous.

    I will say that my iPhone and MobileMe have been the biggest let down of any Apple products, so far.

    My used 2002 MCS was a disaster but I loved the driving side of it so much that I bought the used 2004 MCS and though it has had a few early on missteps, blown engine at 22,000 miles, it’s been rock solid since. But… It’s still a bloody expensive little 2 person car.

    Own a Honda, boring, own a Mitsubishi, fugly, VW R23, haven’t heard good feedback from a friend who owns one, but it is a rocket, Cayman, can’t afford, 911 S, can’t afford. Now the new Focus RS is a tempting car if we could get one in the US that is. Mito, I have, since my 1st rave review, decided that Ian was right and the front is a fugly.

    I talked with a Clubman owner at a recent SCMM dinner, 44 MPG! Wow. Hum, Clubman MCS/JCW?

    Sorry you feel so bad about your MINI and any Apple products you have, man life’s too short, get rid of them and be happy for goodness shakes. ;-]

  5. I must say that I love my MINI and my MacBook Pro, but do believe both are overpriced for what they are compared to other options. However, the user experience is hard to beat. My Mac Mini, however, I have little love for that, it must be said.

  6. I have little love for the total chaos Mobile Me is causing! My iWeb blog is in some kind of constant turmoil and I hate the name…!!!!! Never used a Mac Mini. I’ve had a 11SI, G3, G4, flower pot iMac and now a 24″ iMac. My 11si took 30 minutes to save a two page menu I designed, that’s per page. 🙂

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