Top Gear and the Clubman

I’m behind the times, only watching Top Gear on the tele, so just recently got around to watching the final episode of last season. In the show they had a mini-awards segment where they announced “worst design of the year” to which Clarkson quickly said that the Clubman was so ugly there weren’t any competitors; the other two agreed. Next up was “worst car of the year” to which Clarkson again quickly said it must be the Clubman, but they eventually came up with something else.

So then I was reading that Top Gear gave it some kind of best car award so what happened? Did they subsequently have a big change of mind ? Or What?

More I see them, the more I like them.

3 thoughts on “Top Gear and the Clubman”

  1. Seems like no one is going to get 1000 for this one, Alex. I looked on MotoringFile and it was all very confusing, people mixing up the show and the magazine, including some people saying that the show loved the Clubman, which on the show I saw last week was absolutely not true at that moment in time.

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