60,000 Miles

Carrie turned over 60,000 miles yesterday, and picked up a new new rock chip as a present. And when I say rock chip, I really mean rock gouge. From the inside it looks like a 1 inch by 1/3 inch oblong pit but outside it’s definitely a ball sized dip. It’s up in the top corner passenger-side so doesn’t obscure my view but I am a little worried about it spreading. Two MINIs owned, four windscreens and more rock chips than I can count. What do they make these windscreens out of – glass??

4 thoughts on “60,000 Miles”

  1. I actually think the windscreens are made out of a mix of hard candy, a little bit of glass and all of the left over Pepsi Clear that they couldn’t sell.

    At least, that would better explain the rash of problems with them 😉

  2. Yeah, Carrie will be 3 years old at the end of August so whilst I’m definitely no DB, I am up there. I’m hoping to persuade my job to let me work from home a bit but most likely they will say no.

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