Especially for RB: Plaster City

It was such a nice day going home Friday that I took a detour and took some footage for RB, maybe bring back memories of racing in the Valley!

Music by Yello, The Race

2 thoughts on “Especially for RB: Plaster City”

  1. Paul that was very kool.

    Brings back good and bad memories. The pit lane for the Plaster City 250 was just east of the plant and about where those offroaders are parked. We were on the north side. Sadly, I only have a very few photos of that era in my life and one in car video of a race I drove that my X-buddies won’t give me. But I do have one if you want to put it with the video. Contact me and I’ll send it.

    The area hasn’t changed much.

    I think it’s called Plaster City West now and is put on by some group called MDR, probably McMillen Desert Racing. My racing days ended back in 1994 on New Years day with that race. Came in last in our class, broken A arm. 🙁

    The music was by?

  2. Glad you liked it! The music is The Race by Yello, which to me is the ultimate motoring music, though I did not know in advance just how perfectly it would fit with that film.

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