Some footage from the MINI

Not a great success, aurally, but you can at least see the pretty view I have on my weekly 2hr commute to San Diego. It’s a 3-parter: part 1 shows some of the Valley floor, part 2 is a video of the long climb up the gas-sapping hill to the top of the pass, part 3 shows some of the high desert. Here’s part 1. At the end of the video there are links to my other videos from which you can see the other 2.

4 thoughts on “Some footage from the MINI”

  1. Yes, sometimes I will take a detour off the highway for some backroad motoring and that takes me through Plaster City. The road is terrible though, makes the convertible rattle something terrible.

  2. Well in my offroad racing days there used to be the Plaster City 250 race. It was always on New Years Eve, my wife loved that… not. The Blue Angels or one of the groups used to practice in the area and sometimes they down swoop down and give a driver a heart attack as they seemed so close to the ground.

    For some reason your Brawley adventures brought that memory back. I haven’t raced it in 14 years.

  3. It amazes me that anyone has heard of Brawley, let alone Plaster City, but I keep meeting people from the area. The receptionist at Brecht was from El Centro last couple of times I was there.

    Yeah, this time of year (well, a few weeks back) is great – free shows from the Blues twice daily, and many places to drive out to for a great show.

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