It’s Official, the DMV Really Does Hate Me

Went to the DMV this morning to chase down my missing licence, and found out that my licence was not lost in the mail – they never sent it to me as my renewal application was on “hold”. The lady said that maybe I ticked a “yes” box by mistake and didn’t fill in the “explain answer” section but since all I did was go online and type in a password and give a credit card, that is more than unlikely. It was pretty obvious that they weren’t ever going to tell me my renewal was on hold so it was good that I went in. So they had me fill in a new form, make a signature, give my thumb print and a new picture; should get a new licence in 2-3 weeks.

Definitely been a bad year for me with the DMV.

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  1. No, won’t be at santa ana. I haven’t looked at the SCMM forums in many months, got tired of there never being anything that I can participate in (at least without a long pre-drive) and that making me feel like it had become a clique that I was not part of. I am, as they, geographically undesirable.

  2. Wow! You can’t imagine how many times I have heard that in the last year starting at AMVIV. I live within LA and still find it that way. I have suggested some things and they went nowhere. I think the guys who are running it now, well at least some, are truly trying to make a diff like Lex and George and others but all in all it’s really a club of 40.

    I will say if more people where to say more maybe more changes would happen. The one line I continually hear is this… ” We are a casual club.” Huh?! I have talked to many, many who feel as I do… BS. Make it a club that covers the area it supposedly covers.

    Have regional event/runs whatever and also do combined events like Santa Anita and have a bigger charity involvement, maybe regional and combined karting events, camping etceteras. But really the regional officers could do a lot more and either they are and are being shut down or they do nothing.

    The funny thing is I was approached by some fellows to design a website, magazine, logo and such for a new SoCal MINI club. We actually bought a domaine name, they paid me for the work I had done then … poof… they disappeared. Gone! I had only dealt with them by email and they paid me with PayPal.

    Well ta fo now.

  3. In MA we have to pay to renew registration annually (separate to paying for inspection sticker).
    Couldn’t renew GBMINI online back in October (although the mailed card said I could) … turned out not to be some unpaid parking ticket, but the manufacturer code had changed from “MINI” to “MNNI” (?) – luckily I was able to have it dealt with by phone, skipping the DMV visit.

  4. Also in MA, I had the same problem as Ian, except that the RMV insisted that my 2004 MCS, which had always been a MINI, was now a BMW. After a bit I gave up fighting; figured it was better to be registered as a BMW than not at all.

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