Sedona Pictures

My MINI at SedonaJust in case anyone is interested, my pictures from Sedona are now up on my flickr page. Click on the image to see the full set.

4 thoughts on “Sedona Pictures”

  1. I’ve never figured why Sedona is praised to highly – there’s other much more spectacular areas (Monument Valley, Bryce …)
    ‘Course, my opinions could be biased by sliding and drowning my camcorder at Slide Rock when I visited years ago 🙁

    Hope you enjoyed the trip!

  2. It sure is an arty-farty pretentious town, I can do without all the psychic vortex rubbish. But I think its very pretty and its “only” 6 hours from home. Never been to Utah but I am sure those areas are as spectacular if not more so.

    Sorry about your camcorder!

  3. Ian, I have to agree with some of what you said but there are parts of Sedona that are spectacular. Artsy Fartsy is part of the reason my wife Kittie is looking at Sedona as a place for us to move, she needs an art community to sell her paintings. I’m thinking no! The pyramid crap is so lame.

    BTW nice pics. So did you do the airport lobster dinner thing?

    Ian, why were you sliding down a rock with your camcorder anyway?

  4. Because it was there?
    We visited Sedona as part of a two week tour of Arizona / Utah; I was taking pics at Slide Rock which is a nice stream / rock / etc place, slipped on the wet rocks and plunged camcorder into water.

    Here’s the other half of that tale, the good half:
    We headed back up to Flagstaff after that; by some amazing chance saw a place in a strip mall which did video work – but they were prepared to look at my camcorder; I’d left it on the HOT back seat of the convertible, so it had dried out – turned out they only needed to clean the heads and it was good to go once again 🙂

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