Does My A/C Need Fixing?

Inside the last 3,000 miles of the warranty, trying to make sure everything is in top shape before I am on my own for the cost of repairs. I need to take Carrie back for the clanking noise which is as present as ever but now I am thinking about my a/c.

I think when I first got the car I blogged that the a/c seemed under-powered compared to that of the ’02 MCS. That is still very much the case. There are times when I need to put the strength on level 3 or 4 to feel any air coming out of the vents (top down of course) and even then it is not always chilled. The 15 minute drive to El Centro on a Saturday afternoon in the summer heat is almost always unpleasant, last weekend in 90F I didn’t once feel any cold air even after an hour of stop/start driving. Other times, it will start out strong and then after a while it feels like it shuts itself off. I don’t feel any cool air any more.

So, dear reader – do you think this is something I should bring to Brecht’s attention? Is this normal behaviour for the ’05 cabrio ?

5 thoughts on “Does My A/C Need Fixing?”

  1. I vote yes. At the very least bring it to their attention and have them look at it. That is something you don’t want to have to replace out of warranty (take it from me, I know).

  2. I got distracted by some medical matters 🙁 but am starting to feel better so will book it in for sometime soon. Of course I will let you all know.

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