Back From AMVIV

Had a good time in Vegas, enjoyed Phantom of the Opera, had a great run to Death Valley and won a few dollars on the machines. As with AMVIV I the social events didn’t really work out if you weren’t already part of a group but I was with Teri so that didn’t matter to me at all. Sadly we didn’t win anything in the raffle (I think we were the only ones!) but I did buy a couple of MINI trinkets for myself.

For much of the weekend, Carrie was absolutely filthy. Our route took us through a huge storm on the Arizona border and flooded many of the washes that Route 95 goes through – the result, lots of water splashed up onto the bonnet. This was not helped by an oncoming lorry going through one wash at the same time sending water way over the top of the car. I did get the car washed on the Saturday after the Poker Run (and man we had a lousy hand, but it was a great drive around the Strip) so she looked great for the drive home.

Whilst there I got the dial faces replaced with charcoal grey ones. I was originally going for the black but when we looked at the charcoal it looked a better fit with the dashboard. Watching Ralph from Helix13 install it was a bit nerve wracking at times – that plastic makes some noise when being popped – but I like the new look very much. Some pictures:

Whilst I was there I saw a side stripe that I really liked if I could get it done in a different colour scheme. Essentially its a swirling 2 check wide checkerboard design that I think would look good in black/maroon or black/clear. I might talk to the local decal shop and see what they can do. I took a picture they can copy from.

The difference between this AMVIV and the first one was huge. Sin City MINI were superbly organised in everything that went on and I was very impressed. With 420+ MINIs present it could have been a disaster. I think there’s a good chance we’ll return next year.

8 thoughts on “Back From AMVIV”

  1. I saw those offered and thought they looked kool but wondered if all the little nuances that happen with different functions on the speedo were still there? I picked one up and they seemed to all be there but I was still a tad concerned.

    What say you?

  2. Yes, quite GP-like, indeed. And I think I detect some extra performance from the mod, too 🙂

    I’m not at home so can’t directly compare the plates with the OEMs but here’s a picture from NAM that does. It looks like perhaps the brake pad warning symbol is missing from the new ones? Not that I’ve ever seen that light come on.

    Side by side comparison

    I definitely think mine are slightly mis-aligned on the speedo, will see about fixing that at the w/e.

    Also, outmotoring is about to release some very cool looking plates with a retro look to them, almost $50 cheaper, too.

  3. According to comments the banner ad is missing from the final product. I’m also told by someone who has both kinds that the design I have is a better fit with the lights than the OutMotoring will be.

    But I think both look real good.

  4. Interesting. I’ll stick with stock. I do like the look of the outmotoring one though.

    Got new windscreen today. What a process. I took losta pics and will post on blog later this week.

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