My Action Name and a New Myth to Try

First, I bet everyone is having fun with the Hammer and Coop website. I’ve seen a few action names posted so thought I would add mine – Pulverizer Seawolf. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Second, my Dad swears blind that you can increase the range of your remote key by pointing it at your head. The idea is that you get just far enough away from the car that pointing and clicking the remote does not work. But if you point it at your head and click then it will work, if you haven’t gone too far. I’m not sure how close the remote has to be to your head but he says he’s tried it and it works.

2 thoughts on “My Action Name and a New Myth to Try”

  1. Maybe their hears are full of metal? Love the Hammer & coop stuff. Starsky & Hutch mixed with Nightrider. I tried this just beyond it’s range and Nada, Zip, Zilch! Most need more cowbells!

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