Running Near Empty

I don’t like it when the low gas light is on; my wife drives me crazy by letting the needle get real close to empty when we’re in the Camry. Its never in doubt but for sure I get real antsy.

So yesterday driving to the apartment the needle is real low, light is on. OBC says 30 miles. Traffic is bad so consumption is terrible, OBC goes down to 20. I change plans and get off the freeway thinking a gas station must be near but I have to go through several miles of residential streets. 15 miles now, heart is racing, I decide that I will fill up no matter what price I find (local gas station that morning was 2.57).

I see a gas station and its 3.09!! Holy crap, I figure I’ll push it rather than buy gas there. It was so deserted that I’m not even sure it was open. Another two blocks and the next place is 2.67, good enough for me and Carrie gets filled up. I think that is the lowest I’ve ever run the tank and I did not like it.

7 thoughts on “Running Near Empty”

  1. Ha! I consistently put about 13 gallons in. My last commute was about 100 miles per day, so leaving the house in the morning, I usually knew I could make it home, but it’s kind of like a game of chicken. I don’t know why I do it, but I consistently do. It’s fun getting into the car, seeing 50 miles to go on the OBC and knowing it’s 47 miles to the gas station at home!

    My Jeep doesn’t have an OBC, so I’m forced to actually rely on the needle:

  2. I usually fill up the Bumble Bee when the counter gets to about 30. Last fall I let it get to 20 one day and it ran out. At 20.

  3. The MINI’s gas light comes on way too early. I know I have 50+ miles in my JCW at that point. With the OBC there is no mystery. I’ve had it to zero, though not the final “–” that comes after. Not usually though, I try to fill up around the 30-miles-left range.

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